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Leading property research portal launches strategic agent advertising solution

Promoted by Onthehouse.com.au
07 December 2015 | 4 minute read

Promoted by Onthehouse.com.au


Leading property research portal Onthehouse.com.au has launched a new advertising product for sales agents and property managers – Local Agent.


Local Agent offers a unique opportunity for real estate professionals to directly engage with their target audience of property owners, vendors and investors, without wasting money on unfocused campaigns that reach a wider, yet less relevant, audience.

Sales agents and property managers who ‘book a suburb’ will have their profiles exclusively placed at the top of Onthehouse.com.au’s popular property profile reports. They’ll also have a priority position within the Find an Agent section of the website, as well as exclusive promotion in the monthly property and suburb alert emails.

Furthermore, to ensure agents have the latest suburb facts and statistics to share with their prospects, they’ll also receive complimentary monthly Suburb Statistic Report, worth $147.

The key benefits of Local Agent are:

  • Simple: It’s effortless and exclusive and only takes a few minutes to book.
  • Every dollar counts: During the launch phase, one suburb will cost just $99 per month for a three-month period, ensuring a significant return on investment.
  • Audience: As a research-based platform, Onthehouse.com.au has an audience that covers the entire property eco-system; from homeowner and renovator, to vendor and investor.
  • Targeted: Agents can book up to five suburbs so their contact details are directly in front of potential clients actively researching property decisions.

Andy Antonini, Chief Operating Officer at Onthehouse.com.au, said: “The key to becoming a preferred agent is to be present and add value to clients before they even actively want to sell their property. We can position an agent in front of our unique audience who actively download over 3 million property reports every month. This is an opportunity for agents to grow their listings and rent rolls by getting their details directly in front of potential clients“.

Launch offer

Book a three-month subscription now and get December free.







Onthehouse.com.au is Australia’s most transparent and comprehensive real estate portal, empowering consumers to make informed property decisions by providing them with free access to information. More than 1.8 million unique visitors search for listings and view in-depth property data every month, making it Australia’s third most popular real estate platform.

Onthehouse.com.au is the flagship consumer offering of Onthehouse Holdings (ASX:OTH), the 360-degree property market services group that provides comprehensive real estate agency solutions, information and analytics services. All of the Onthehouse Holdings businesses together help more than half of Australia’s real estate agencies, as well as being used by financial institutions and other property-related professionals.

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