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Top 50 Sales Offices 2014

By James Mitchell & Steven Cross
10 March 2014 | 1 minute read

The country’s top performing sales offices have battled it out for honours in this year’s REB Top 50 Sales Offices ranking – now in its second year – making it a key benchmark for the industry

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A word from our sponsor:
Agentbox is proud to sponsor the benchmark REB Top 50 Sales Offices ranking. The report underpins the key fundamentals on which our own software company is based: efficiency, maximising your marketing efforts and reducing business costs that allow agencies to become elite performers. Agentbox is a fantastic tool to improve your office on all levels; to use data quickly and effectively to make the most of your time and run a profitable business. Congratulations to all who have made the list and have demonstrated these efficiencies and best practise, which we also embrace in our own company.


Over the past 12 months the success of real estate agents nationwide has been nothing short of astounding. Australia is now in its 22nd year of consecutive economic growth, a run that is paying dividends for principals and licensees across the board.

The REB Top 50 Sales Offices report, sponsored by Agent Box – now in its second year – provides a comprehensive cross-section of the industry’s key players.

Whether it’s a new entrant or an office that has moved up the ranks, Real Estate Business wishes to congratulate the Top 50 Sales Offices that made the grade for the financial year 2012/2013 (FY 12/13).

As a barometer of the industry, the Top 50 report provides the metrics that can help you benchmark your own agency against the country’s best and offers extensive insight into some of the country’s leading offices.

Moreover, the list substantiates the view that you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to. Maybe – just maybe – it’s time to look at these numbers and set your own team’s goals higher.

The standout finding this year reveals the importance of support staff. Last year, the average number of support staff per office was 3.6; this year it is 5.6.

What this 55.6 per cent growth shows is that agencies, while getting busier, are also becoming smarter with their time, suggesting salespeople in these offices can focus on doing what they do best – listing, negotiating and selling property.

This is what Marshall White director Marcus Chiminello – ranked second in the country in our Top 100 Agents 2013 report – calls ‘dollar value’ time.

In FY12/13, the Top 50 Australian sales offices sold a total $10.2 billion worth of real estate, a massive 39 per cent increase on the previous year ($7.7 billion). A total of 16,843 properties changed hands through these 50 offices, a 14 per cent increase on last year’s total of 14,785.

Breaking it down by state, New South Wales was on top with 21 offices. The numbers then dropped sharply to Victoria (10), Western Australia (9), Queensland (6) and South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory with two offices each. The Northern Territory and Tasmania had no offices in this year’s list.

Top 50 sales offices


The methodology for this report was based on four key metrics, broken equally into two sections:


The first two metrics were focused on scale, which remains an important measurement tool on the basis that bigger numbers necessitate a higher level of management and administration – a skill in itself.

So, sales volume – or the value of the properties sold – and the number of sales, were two metrics that, combined, collectively made up half of each office’s overall ranking.

Performance and efficiency

The final two metrics used in determining an office’s final ranking relate to its performance and efficiency, and it’s these measurements that allowed smaller players to more evenly compete with their larger counterparts.

Conversion rate was one of these metrics; this compared the number of listings against the number of sales made in the year, highlighting an office’s ability to move stock efficiently. Note that some offices recorded results above the 100 per cent mark because they also sold listings in the 2011/2012 financial year that were originally generated in the previous financial year.

The final metric within this section was office efficiency; this compared the number of sales agents and sales support staff against the total number of sales, providing a clear idea as to how productive each member of the team was.

All data was submitted online by senior management from each office, and where possible their numbers were verified by RP Data. Where required, Real Estate Business undertook additional research to reconfirm numbers with group head offices and/or the agency principals themselves.

Methodology: RP Data

RP Data verified the findings and results of the Top 50 Sales Offices report by correlating the information provided to Real Estate Business by participating offices against RP Data’s own data.

This information was derived from online listings, print listings and RP Data’s ‘Recent Sales’ team, whose members call agents to collect and validate property sales as well as other government-sourced data.

RP Data then provided a report to Real Estate Business on the degree of correlation between the information supplied to Real Estate Business by participating offices and RP Data’s own database. This enabled Real Estate Business to scrutinise entrants and to conduct further investigation into those whose claims did not correlate with RP Data’s database.

While RP Data believes all the information in its database is complete, accurate and reliable in all material respects, it does not warrant its accuracy or completeness and to the full extent permitted by law, excludes liability in contract, tort or otherwise, for any loss or damage sustained by any person or body corporate arising from or in connection with the reliance on such information and data in the findings and results of the Real Estate Business Top 50 Sales Offices report.  Only the data supplied to REB by offices was correlated by RP Data.

Harber Real Estate, WA

Harber Real Estate, WA

  • Suburb: Padbury, WA
  • Principal: Steve Harber
  • Sales staff: 19
  • Support staff: 3
  • $357.4 million
  • 588 properties sold

“It’s better to have control right from the point of meeting the client to handing over the keys”

Harber Real Estate principal Steve Harber has reached first place in this year’s Top 50 through plenty of hard work and that special ingredient so often forgotten – simplicity.

The agency was established in 1994 in Padbury, on Perth’s north coast, and still maintains just one office.

With 19 sales staff and three supporting, Harber Real Estate is very much a service-driven company.

Sales staff are encouraged to work a single suburb in which they can specialise. They also do without personal assistants, Mr Harber says, speaking from experience.

“We don’t have a lot of people that have gone down the path of working with PAs,” he says.

While other agents swear by their PAs as allowing them to get on with the job at hand – namely, selling properties – Mr Harber comes from a different school of thought.

“It can start to have a detrimental service level when you have two people backing the salesperson,” he says.

“It’s better to have control right from the point of meeting the client to handing over the keys.

“I have worked with a PA myself and a full-time secretary for the last 18 years, but I have now gone back to working on my own.

“I find the service much better that way.”

This year Harber Real Estate converted 95 per cent of its 618 listings for a total 588 sales, smashing the Top 50 conversion average of 84.6 per cent. While the average sale was a modest $608,000, the team’s hard work and community engagement meant this year’s volume was $357 million.

But there is still room for improvement, says Mr Harber.

“We are looking to tighten our communication between all levels of staff,” he says, “particularly between our coordinators and our salespeople.”

The business will also be upgrading its systems, which Mr Harber is confident will add to the number of future transactions.

LJ Hooker Thornlie, WA

LJ Hooker Thornlie, WA

  • Suburb: Thornlie, WA
  • CEO: John Rechichi
  • Sales staff: 7
  • Support staff: 1
  • $153 million
  • 377 properties sold

Inspiring loyalty

As the highest ranked new entrant to the list, LJ Hooker Thornlie licensee and principal John Rechichi was up against some tough competition.

With just one representative on last year’s list, LJ Hooker has turned things around to boast 11 in this year’s ranking.

Mr Rechichi told Real Estate Business that while sales and listings are important, his main focus for running his business is the people he employs.

“I'm a bit jealous of anyone who works for me, and I don't like anybody leaving if they've got potential. One of our girls at our front desk has been with us 26 years,” he says.

“With our staff I always try and make it as attractive as possible for them to work for us, but I want them for the long term. I don't want a short-term employee of any kind because we put a lot of effort into training and trying to make sure they fit in with us all.”

Having paid long service leave to employees on many occasions, Mr Rechichi said the benefits of long-term salespeople goes further than just losing out to competitors – their connections and databases are invaluable.

Mr Rechichi is also the highest ranked non-selling principal. In fact, he is the only one in the top five.

“I don't sell and I don't compete against the salespeople, so if you like, I'm like everyone’s PA,” he says. “If a salesperson needs some help, I can meet their clients and I offer that type of back-room knowledge and experience, but I don't take it off them.”

This balance between hands-off management and hands-on leadership has struck a chord with his staff members, who have paid him back with their loyalty.

Magain Real Estate, SA

Magain Real Estate, SA

  • Suburb: Woodcroft, SA
  • Principal: Mike Dobbin
  • Sales staff: 7
  • Support staff: 4
  • $152.7 million
  • 402 properties sold

Building momentum

Having taken over the business with his business partners four and a half years ago, Mike Dobbin has transformed the 30 year-old Magain Real Estate name into a leading force within Australia.

The incredible story of determination and hard work has landed Mr Dobbin and his office on the Top 50 Sales Offices list for the second year running – and he’s trumped his 2013 ranking of 25.

With just seven sales staff and four support staff during the 2012/2013 financial year, Mr Dobbin claims the spike in results from the previous year has been amazing.

“We’ve had two staff members basically double what they’ve done each year they’ve been with us, and they have really helped build our brand,” he says.

“In real estate it’s all about building that momentum, making a sale today so that next week someone who heard about it wants to sell through you.

“The other staff members have increased their results by about 50 per cent themselves because the phones don’t stop ringing. People ring up and say ‘You sold my friends property’, or they hear about someone who went with us and had a good experience and it just keeps rolling on.”

And things just keep on getting better for the Magain team, with two new appointments and a booming market.

“Two of our biggest competitors have joined us over the last three months, so I’m very excited to see our results six months down the track,” he says. “They’re the biggest writers from our competition and they came over to us; we didn’t headhunt them, they felt they were big fish in small ponds.”

Robinson Property, NSW

Robinson Property, NSW

  • Suburb: Newcastle, NSW
  • Principal: Guy Robinson
  • Sales staff: 13
  • Support staff: 5
  • $270.2 million
  • 599 properties sold

“It is common throughout Australia for buyers to think they know what they’re doing when they really don’t, so we are trying to do our best to educate them about how the real estate process works”

Robinson Property is an institution in Newcastle, where the agency has been selling real estate for more than 40 years.

Defining their market is tricky job. Robinson Property is the leading apartment sales agent in Newcastle City, but the agency also operates in Cessnock, Maitland, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens.

Their reach stretches across five council LGAs that make up the Lower Hunter area.

“We’re the biggest seller of land as well – new land and house packages – and we’re also the leading seller of inner city and suburban houses,” Mr Robinson says.

With total sales of $270.2 million last year, Robinson Property is a heavy hitter in the Hunter region.

The business sold 599 properties last year, converting 89.3 per cent of listings to be well above the national average.

However, hard work often means playing hard too, and at Robinsons the sales office environment is a lot of fun, says Mr Robinson.

“They seem to have a fair bit of fun, the admin staff eat a lot of lollies, laugh a fair bit and they all get along really well,” he says.

“We’ve got a good office culture, and we’ve got very successful people that we support in their roles.”

The company is now looking to further educate its team, as well as its customers, about the processes of purchasing real estate.

“It is common throughout Australia for buyers to think they know what they’re doing when they really don’t, so we are trying to do our best to educate them about how the real estate process works,” Mr Robinson says.

“Real estate transactions are so unnecessarily stressful when they shouldn’t be. We are going to do our best to help those buying property to do it in a happy, stress-free way.”

PRDnationwide Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, NSW

PRDnationwide Newcastle/Lake Macquarie, NSW

  • Suburb: Newcastle, NSW
  • Regional sales manager: Mark Kentwell
  • Sales staff: 10
  • Support staff: 6
  • $264.5 million
  • 466 properties sold

Like clockwork

One of the country’s fiercest real estate rivalries can be found in the northern New South Wales city of Newcastle.

In two years, three separate agencies from Newcastle have made the top five in this list.

After a phenomenal year, PRDnationwide Newcastle/Lake Macquarie has shot from 25th all the way into fifth place.

Principal Mark Kentwell told Real Estate Business the fierce competition has driven himself and his team to absolute machine-like perfection.

With an excellent list-to-sell ratio and well over 400 sales between 10 selling agents and six assistants, Mr Kentwell is proud of the systems and structures he has developed.

“Our results as far as listing-to-selling ratio and days on market come down to three main things: one is our focus on training, from our junior agents to our top performers everyone sits in on regular weekly training as well as external training,” he says.

“The business structure is the second point. We’re always innovating, and one of the innovations we’ve worked on for some time and perfected is the way we run our sales team. We call it a super-EBU [effective business unit], where people have very specific roles. This helps us maintain higher volumes, greater focus on properties, and rather than selling the ones that ‘sell themselves’, we can get the harder ones over the line because we have more hands on the job and a team approach of getting it done.

“The last thing would be our incredible database because we service so many suburbs from the one hub. This means we have pre-qualified buyers for pretty much everything we list.”

But unlike most high-volume offices, Mr Kentwell claims almost every one of his listings comes from individual sellers – not off a rent roll or from developer stock.

“I’m so proud of the team, and we’ll be aiming even higher for next year,” he says.

Top 50 Sales Offices 2014 Rankings

Search the rankings below by using the text filters

Rank Company name Business owner/manager Suburb/s serviced State Salespeople Sales support staff No. of listings No. of sales $ Volume Conversion ratio Staff efficiency
1 Harber Real Estate Steve Harber Perth, Northern Suburbs WA 19 3 618 588 357,396,251 95.1456% 26.727
2 LJ Hooker Thornlie John Rechichi Thornlie WA 7 1 350 377 152,963,939 107.7143% 47.125
3 Magain Real Estate Mike Dobbin Woodcroft SA 7 4 409 402 152,700,060 98.2885% 36.545
4 Robinson Property Matthew Waddell Newcastle NSW 13 5 671 599 270,241,903 89.2697% 33.278
5 PRDnationwide Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Mark Kentwell Newcastle NSW 10 6 502 466 264,461,050 92.8287% 29.125
6 Tracy Yap Realty Epping Tracy Yap Northern District Area NSW 10 7 488 449 348,548,214 92.0082% 26.412
7 LJ Hooker Canberra City Andrew Ligdopoulos Canberra ACT 6 4 282 308 132,730,480 109.2199% 30.800
8 Harcourts Coastal Dane Atherton Gold Coast QLD 21 5 514 499 312,455,677 97.0817% 19.192
9 Starr Partners Merrylands Phillip Starr Merrylands NSW 11 2 381.5 346.5 171,803,837 90.8257% 26.654
10 Harris Real Estate Phil Harris Adelaide SA 23 7 778 666 341,183,737 85.6041% 22.200
11 LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills Peter Crowther Sunnybank Hills QLD 18 0 601 497 245,601,572 82.6955% 27.611
12 Richardson & Wrench Rooty Hill Roy Amery Rooty Hill + Surrounding Suburbs NSW 5 1 228 219 142,129,022 96.0526% 36.500
13 Ray White Cranbourne Mark Guthrie Cranbourne VIC 8 4 437 374 165,429,124 85.5835% 31.167
14 Starr Partners Parramatta Adam Denina Parramatta NSW 4 2 305 278 125,199,524 91.1475% 46.333
15 Raine & Horne Dee Why Peter Mosedale & Lachlan Yeates Dee Why & Collaroy NSW 18 8 512 474 231,713,277 92.5781% 18.231
16 Century 21 Southwest Paul Dilles Sydney's Southwest Suburbs NSW 5 2 253 245 110,565,000 96.8379% 35.000
17 Jellis Craig Bennison Mackinnon Andrew McCann Armadale VIC 20 6 436.5 402.5 451,285,145 92.2108% 15.481
18 hockingstuart Balwyn Toby Parker Balwyn VIC 10 3 269 258 278,534,600 95.9108% 19.846
19 PRDnationwide Hunter Valley Luke Anderson Maitland NSW 11 4 451 385 182,183,700 85.3659% 25.667
20 Barry Plant Real Estate Glenroy Angelo Nestor Glenroy VIC 8 1 301 270 115,479,919 89.7010% 30.000
21 RT Edgar Boroondara Glen Coutinho Hawthorn VIC 17 5 400 350 420,000,000 87.5000% 15.909
22 McGrath Estate Agents Hunters Hill Shane Smollen Hunters Hill NSW 5 12 322 288 362,646,680 89.4410% 16.941
23 Cunninghams Property JohnCunningham Balgowlah NSW 10 8 329 298 297,950,000 90.5775% 16.556
24 LJ Hooker Tuggeranong Robert Matheson Tuggeranong ACT 8 4 375 315 159,395,300 84.0000% 26.250
25 Starr Partners Blacktown Daniel Formosa Blacktown NSW 5 3 224 209 138,596,928 93.3036% 26.125
26 Abel McGrath Property Group Dani McGufficke Western Suburbs, Perth WA 14 4 260 253 274,086,235 97.3077% 14.056
27 Eview Real Estate Partners Frankston Manos Findikakis Frankston VIC 22 3 594 486 210,254,175 81.8182% 19.440
28 PRDnationwide Horsham Wes Davidson Horsham VIC 5 2 266 256.5 54,856,312 96.4286% 36.643
29 LJ Hooker Toronto Paul Campbell Toronto NSW 7 1 198 207 84,920,750 104.5455% 25.875
30 McGrath Estate Agents Coogee Adrian Bo Eastern Suburbs/Coogee NSW 21 15 559 478 453,036,134 85.5098% 13.278
31 The Property Exchange Niki Peinke Subiaco and surrounds WA 7 2 213 195 177,299,701 91.5493% 21.667
32 Combined Real Estate Narellan/Camden Allan Sharpe Narellan & Camden NSW 10 1 352 286 152,583,750 81.2500% 26.000
33 Ray White Bankstown Frank Sotto Bankstown NSW 8 6 325 283 145,645,008 87.0769% 20.214
34 McGrath Estate Agents Parramatta Katina Giannos Parramatta Region NSW 9 3 340 279 163,910,750 82.0588% 23.250
35 Eview Real Estate Partners Narre Warren Manos Findikakis Narre Warren VIC 10 1 336 287 107,367,025 85.4167% 26.091
36 McGrath Estate Agents Leichhardt Charles Leahy Inner West, Sydney NSW 24 12 569 471 473,587,250 82.7768% 13.083
37 LJ Hooker Padstow Lush Pillay Padstow NSW 5 1 182 171 100,713,950 93.9560% 28.500
38 Ray White Rockhampton David Bell Rockhampton QLD 10 4 577 388.6 149,210,939 67.3484% 27.757
39 LJ Hooker Mandurah Mitch Watt Mandurah WA 7 2 288 247 102,259,500 85.7639% 27.444
40 RE/MAX Results Ian Ahearn Morningside QLD 13 5 340 291 211,198,997 85.5882% 16.167
41 Harcourts Alliance Joondalup Ben Bernacki Joondalup WA 19 6 405 352.7 194,221,186 87.0864% 14.108
42 LJ Hooker Leeming Darryl Francis Leeming WA 2 1 98 121 72,254,500 123.4694% 40.333
43 Ray White Ferntree Gully Matt Sims Ferntree Gully VIC 14 12 699 501 228,228,811 71.6738% 19.269
44 LJ Hooker Broome Sue Pascoe Broome WA 2 1 151 162 47,225,000 107.2848% 54.000
45 Starr Partners St Marys Scott Edwards Erskine Park NSW 6 3 272 238 89,039,050 87.5000% 26.444
46 Newton Real Estate David Newton Caringbah NSW 8 2 191 186 129,628,989 97.3822% 18.600
47 Tully First National Krystyna Tully City of Cockburn WA 8 2 256 227 114,247,600 88.6719% 22.700
48 LJ Hooker Kallangur Greg Booker Kallangur & Murrumba Downs QLD 7 0 417 299 104,159,080 71.7026% 42.714
49 Barry Plant Manningham James Hatzolos Manningham VIC 12 12 293 271 211,841,692 92.4915% 11.292
50 LJ Hooker Cleveland Iain Carmichael Cleveland QLD 13 2 503 344 190,520,050 68.3897% 22.933
Top 50 Sales Offices 2014
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