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Network reveals 2024 national expansion forecast

By Staff Reporter
18 June 2024 | 12 minute read
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According to Harcourts Australia’s chief growth officer, Tina Ashton, a new plan devised at the end of 2023 has set the network on a course to exponentially build upon its recent growth.

Ashton revealed that the brand expects to double the number of new offices it welcomes to the firm this year over last year’s figures, with 50 locations set to rebrand to Harcourts’ blue by the time 2024 has drawn to a close. That will see new locations open in every state, with multiple set to appear in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne’s eastern corridor, and Western Australia.

Through office additions and organic growth across its existing ecosystem, the firm also estimates that it will welcome 1,000 agents to its operations this year.


And with a new global tagline guiding the network’s efforts that was unveiled earlier in June, it’s clear that “we make it possible” is a promise the group extends to the talented teams running its offices as well.

Currently, 16 offices are in the process of opening under the network’s branding, keeping the corporate team busy managing the distinct needs of each team’s onboarding experience.

Ashton explained that central to the network’s new strategy is the understanding that the firm must be adaptable in its offering to new businesses.

“Late in 2023, we devised a plan that allows us to manage growth at state and national level, which has been tailored to the individual new office needs. We firmly believe that elevating our new businesses is at the forefront of Harcourts,” she said.

Adaptability has also been key in Ashton’s role; the CGO recently explained that her purview has shifted even in the short time since she came on board in August 2023. As she describes it, the change was necessary to realign with the company’s goals.

“Initially my focus was on the expansion of Harcourts NSW. After a short time, we identified an overwhelming interest from offices across the entire nation, which led, this year, to an evolution of my CGO role,” she said.

Now working to expand the brand on a national scale, Ashton makes it clear that the firm intends to see results.

“We have a long-term goal to grow our market share and dominate the Australian market,” she said.

And while the strategy has a national focus, she is clear that the tailored approach that they take to individual offices extends to their state-based operations as well.

“Each state has its own needs and we act accordingly,” she said, attributing the success of the new strategy to the network’s commitment to continuous communication.

“As a group, we have honest and open dialogue, and I speak to the state CEOs on a weekly basis so we are both across the pipeline and the individual growth of each state,” Ashton said.

At the midway point of 2024, she noted that the plan is on track, and that she’ll spend the year continuing her efforts to make the brand “the fastest growing group in Australia”.

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