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Network unveils new Melbourne HQ

By Sebastian Holloman
23 May 2024 | 8 minute read
obrien real estate south melbourne office reb pi03he

OBrien Real Estate has moved their headquarters to a new South Melbourne location in a bid to enhance network unity.

This new head office was described by OBrien as supporting their network’s strategic initiatives of improving team collaboration, enhancing operational efficiency, and continuing the growth trajectory of their brand.

Mitch Armstrong, CEO of OBrien Real Estate, explained that the relocation of the network’s headquarters to South Melbourne was a “strategic” decision made to centralise OBrien’s corporate team to their brand’s network of offices.

“Our new headquarters is not just a change of location; it represents our commitment to adapt and evolve in a rapidly changing business environment,” Armstrong expressed.

OBrien stated that the office space was consciously designed to foster a collaborative atmosphere that will seek to encourage innovation across the network’s teams.

In facilitating this approach, OBrien furnished the outpost with “cutting-edge technology” and flexible workspaces that will accommodate various working styles and team dynamics.

Commenting on the impact of the new headquarters on OBrien’s brand, Armstrong remarked that “as we continue to grow, our physical space must reflect our brand’s values and vision”.

“Our new office in South Melbourne embodies our brand in structure and spirit, enhancing our ability to connect with our community and stakeholders,” the CEO concluded.

This development is the most recent of a series of new openings for OBrien, with the network having recently added two new branches in Rowville and Mordialloc in addition to welcoming two new executives to its leadership team in 2023.

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