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How this network is shaking up PM

By Orana Durney-Benson
23 April 2024 | 10 minute read
michael anania and sharnee hundy reb ghcizn

How do you service a rent roll that spans hundreds of kilometres? One NSW network has come up with a solution – and appointed a new expert to help its mission.

Property management is an essential component of any good local real estate agency, a stable and reliable source of income that can keep an office afloat during tough markets.

But many real estate agencies in regional NSW which cover a large geographical area lack the resources to employ a full-time property management team.

Laing+Simmons has come up with an innovative solution to this dilemma: an in-house corporate property management team that offers bespoke assistance to local offices.

Michael Anania, head of corporate property management at Laing+Simmons, explained: “The in-house property management service we facilitate for our offices at the corporate level is one of our brand’s key points of difference.”

The head office team offers both long-term and short-term support depending on each business’s individual needs.

It may provide a permanent property management team, a temporary fill-in while the office generates their own local property management team, or cover for individual team members while they are on leave.

“Our offices may have a property manager take a week’s holiday and need someone to sit in the chair,” said Anania.

“Others require us to take care of the entire property management function,” he said. “Whatever PM support they need, we have the resources in place.”

Recently, Laing+Simmons welcomed a new senior property manager to their in-house property management team.

Sharnee Hundy has joined the head office team after an extensive career managing the rent rolls of three Western Sydney offices in the St Marys area.

“Effective property management demands specialist expertise and for our network to be able to tap into this via the group’s head office is a distinct advantage,” said Hundy.

“It’s about understanding the specific PM needs of our offices and having the flexibility to target our resources in precisely the areas which deliver the greatest value for our network.”

Anania noted that the addition of a new senior property manager will expand the team’s service capacity for local offices.

“With Sharnee now part of the team, our capacity to deliver a seamless service at the corporate level is enhanced,” he said.

Going forward, Anania has high hopes for the future of the corporate property management portfolio.

“For the future of property management, we envision a seamless corporate experience in which Laing+Simmons’ people focus on their core business while we, as franchisor, take care of the administrative heavy lifting to provide unparalleled service.”

“The growth of our in-house team helps make this vision a reality,” he concluded.

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