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Domain data solution to produce ‘fair’ WA valuations

By Kyle Robbins
21 April 2023 | 9 minute read
yunyeong kim reb ovprir

A subsidiary of the real estate group, Insight Data Solutions Government Services (IDS), has been awarded a contract with a prominent Western Australian property valuer authority.

The service — acquired by Domain back in September 2021 and billed as likely to increase in importance “as governments deal with increasing land scarcity, the challenges of housing affordability, and planning policy” by network chief executive officer Jason Pellegrino — has secured a contract with the Western Australia Land Information Authority, also known as Landgate.

Landgate, the service tasked with the valuation of all properties in the state in order to support fair, accurate, and independent property valuations for the community, will replace its current legacy valuation system with IDS “VM Online”, a computer-assisted mass valuation platform that enables the valuer-general to produce the statutory valuations that underpin council rates, land tax, and various other state government initiatives and levies.

Domain reports that, following an 18-month configuration and deployment phase, the IDA platform will provide a “single, seamless solution for the operations of the valuer-general in Western Australia.”

Yunyeong Kim, the network executive general manager of Domain Insights, believes the program is “setting the standard for valuation authorities to produce fair, consistent, and cost-effective valuations for use by rating and taxing authorities.”

Describing Domain’s pivot over the last two years to evolve into a business that “plays a greater role in the property journey for a wider range of customers,” she explained the network is “extremely confident the platform will help improve service delivery” following successful applications of the IDS in Victoria and South Australia.

In excess of 250 values and 800 council and valuer-general staff in Victoria utilise the product, while Adelaide City Council in South Australia is a noted user of the IDS system to manage the annual statutory valuation cycles.

“Through Insight Data Solutions, we’re not only using technology to drive efficiency and transparency around land valuations, we’re leveraging new digital capabilities that will minimise bottlenecks and create process efficiencies in delivering valuations,” Ms Kim concluded.

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