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Edward Vukovic, content expert, Know Risk Network

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Edward is a content expert at the Know Risk Network. He has enjoyed navigating the risks associated with the twists and turns of a varied career in communications in a number of different industries, including the community sector, government and the finance industry. Edward uses his unique understanding of the risks associated with life and its vicissitudes to help consumers and small business alike. The Know Risk Network is a non-profit, entirely independent community education program designed by the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance to improve our understanding of practical risk management and insurance. It is supported by community and emergency services groups, risk experts, insurers and government.

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Bad email habits

9 email habits that send the wrong message

We all rely on emails to get our jobs done, but are you falling into these problematic traps? Read More
Edward Vukovic

5 ways introverts can succeed in sales

When you think of how most people would describe a salesperson, several words might come to mind, including sociable, ou...Read More
Edward Vukovic

9 email habits that send the wrong message

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Edward Vukovic

7 ways to lose friends and not influence people

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Edward Vukovic

7 ways to deal with difficult conversations

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Edward Vukovic

4 ways you can build your persistence

Throughout our careers we will find ourselves in positions where things don’t go as planned, where others are unrecept...Read More
Edward Vukovic

The six principles of influence and how to make them work for you

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Edward Vukovic

Make business small talk meaningful

Most people don’t like small talk – we’re all far too busy and important, and just want to get on with whatever i...Read More
Edward Vukovic

Talk, don’t tap

Ever heard of something called ‘phone aversion’? No, me either. Read More